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Hello, my name is Antwaun Banks, proud Founder and CEO of Product of the Project (POP). Blessed with a second chance after living a fast-paced lifestyle, I was moved to start POP with the mission in mind to transform the lives of youth through mentoring, counseling, and coaching. In the last two years, we have grown and expanded. We have been gifted with the opportunity of working with Peoria Public Schools, DCFS, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, and Juvenile Probation. Together, we can rally our resources and make our next generation of leader's outlook on life bright and progressive. 



To meet the needs of inner city youth by providing them with strategies aimed at character development, accountability, financial literacy, goal setting, and establishing positive relationships. 


We will transfer our youth regardless of the circumstances. 

We will exhibit behaviors geared towards kindness, compassion and respect.

We will educate our youth to give back to their communities and help others.


Our Mission:


We will provide social and interpersonal skills enabling our youth to cope with daily functions, develop critical thinking skills, build self-confidence, encourage independence while achieving wellness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. 

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