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POP Community Pantry

Our pantry is the heartbeat of our community. It's a place where neighbors come together to support one another. From providing essential groceries to offering a warm smile, deliveries are also offerred. We're dedicated to ensuring no one goes hungry.

Deandre foote scholarship fund

In memory of DeAndre Foote, a beacon of hope and inspiration, this fund is dedicated to enabling dreams. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and are committed to making it accessible to all deserving individuals.

pop 365: Nutrition, Wellness, and physical fitness

Health is wealth, and at POP, we're invested in your well-being every single day. Our comprehensive program, POP 365, encompasses nutrition, wellness, and physical fitness, providing you with the tools you need to lead a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Our Three Core Curricula include:

Character and Discipline

We understand the importance of character in shaping a better world. Our curriculum focuses on instilling core values that serve as a foundation for personal and communal growth.

Soft Skills

Equipping individuals with essential life skills is key to success in today's world. Our program addresses communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills, giving you a competitive edge in any endeavor.

POP Annie Jo Gordon School.jpg

Greetings, I am Antwaun Banks, the dedicated Founder and CEO of Product of the Project (POP), a non-profit organization. Having been granted a second chance after a whirlwind lifestyle, I felt compelled to establish POP with a mission to positively impact the lives of young individuals through mentoring, counseling, and coaching. Over the past two years, we have experienced significant growth and outreach. We have been fortunate to collaborate with Peoria Public Schools, DCFS, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, and Juvenile Probation. Together, let us unite our resources and work towards shaping a future generation of leaders with a hopeful and forward-thinking perspective on life.

Welcome to the POP Community: Empowering Lives, Nourishing Dreams!!​OUR goal is to uplift out next generation of leaders while supporting the community around them! At POP, we believe in creating a community that thrives on support, education, and empowerment. Founded with a vision to make a positive impact, we've established various initiatives that touch lives in profound ways.

Product of the Project (POP) hosts a trio of impactful annual events aimed at fostering community engagement and support. The POP Turkey Drive kicks off the holiday season with a heartfelt mission to provide families in need with a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. This event exemplifies our commitment to spreading warmth and nourishment within our community. Following this, the Toyz in the Neighborhood Series ushers in the festive spirit, ensuring that every child experiences the joy of receiving a gift during the holiday season. It is a testament to our belief in the power of small gestures to bring about immense happiness. Additionally, the Back 2 School Celebration gears up the younger generation for academic success by equipping them with essential supplies and an uplifting send-off into the new school year. These events stand as beacons of our dedication to uplifting our community and nurturing its growth.


Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and togetherness. Our Turkey Drive ensures that families in our community can gather around a table filled with warmth and delicious food. Coats, hats, gloves, and scarves along with hygiene bags are also available. 

POP back 2 school


Education is a gateway to a brighter future. This event is a celebration of learning, providing students with essential supplies and a supportive environment to kickstart their academic journey.


toyz in the neighborhood series

Spreading joy during the holiday season, this series aims to bring smiles to the faces of children in numerous neighborhoods. With gifts, games, and festive cheer, we hope to create lasting memories for our little ones.

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